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About Microcontroller Unit introduction-from embedic

What is MCU?

MCU, referred to as Microcontroller Unit. a chip-level computer formed by integrating CPU, memory (RAM and ROM), and multiple I/O interfaces on a chip.

CPU: Including arithmetic unit, controller and register group. It is the core component inside the MCU, which consists of two parts: arithmetic component and control component.

The former can complete data arithmetic and logic operations, bit variable processing and data transfer operations, while the latter coordinate work according to a certain time sequence and is a component for analyzing and executing instructions.

Memory: Including ROM and RAM. ROM program memory, the work of the MCU is executed one by one according to the pre-programmed program. The ROM program memory is used to store the programmed program (the system program is programmed and written by the manufacturer).

The stored data will not disappear after power failure. ROM is divided into on-chip memory and off-chip (extended) memory.

RAM data memory, data can be written at any time during program operation, and data can be read at any time. Stored data cannot be retained after power failure. RAM is also divided into on-chip data memory and off-chip (extended) memory

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