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Add endpoint "returns" to BOL api

Hi Api2cart, The new integration with BOL.com is great! We have a couple of customers who are already working with the integration and a few customers are planning to use it. The only thing that's currently missing and is very important for customers who are selling through BOL.com, is the possibility to import returns. They often get returns that they have register on BOL.com, but they can't import those returns into our software at the moment. Here is a bit of documentation regarding the endpoint: https://api.bol.com/retailer/public/Retailer-API/v9/functional/retailer-api/returns.html Hopefully you can add this to BOL.com integration :) Best Regards, Kevin
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  • Oct 17 2023
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    Ruslan Savchyshyn commented
    25 Mar 01:03pm

    Thank you for your idea. We have added several "returns" methods to the support.

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